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Name:Trigger Warnings for Professional Media
Posting Access:All Members, Moderated
Community description:identifying triggers in professional media
Disclaimer: Each entry has the bias of the OP, and may not be a complete set of warnings for the material!

This is somewhere where we're trying to compile warnings for professional media, so that people with triggers can know what to expect when approaching a media source/opt to avoid it entirely. No single post will be necessarily complete with regards to potential triggers, but compiling what we know seems the way to go!

This community is by no means exhaustive, so please contribute! The following links will show you how:

How to make a post: Posts are moderated, to hopefully reduce preventable problems :). The wait should probably be ~ a day, on average.
Warnings (updated as advised!)

Feel free to comment on posts forever; you might not get a reply, but the next time someone scrolls through looking for potential triggers, they'll be helped by your addenda!

1. Offensive language will not be tolerated, unless it is a direct quote. If it is a direct quote, warn for the language in the cut text, and censor the offensive terminology. (For example, if "being an umbrella" was an offensive phrase, convert it to "being an u*******".) The censorship is because seeing specific words can be triggers to some community members (i.e., there is a reason the tag is "sexual assault"). Please: if you're not sure, don't use it.

2. Even if you don't see the trigger that's been described in the post or comments, please respect that it exists for some people.

3. Do not delete comments. If a comment is problematic, please e-mail me. I can't be here always, but I will try to get to it as soon as possible.

4. Be polite. This doesn't mean you have to kiss the boots of someone who breaks rules, but saying "go step on legos" is much less stress inducing for me than more violent reactions? I do need to moderate, so I would appreciate it if you would avoid anxiety-inducement!

5. Less of a rule, more of a notice: Feel free to edit your posts based on the replies of commenters by adding tags/removing words people find problematic, and remember the mod has seen the original form of the post!

6. Also a notice: For now, non-anonymous comments don't get screened, unlike the posts -- so please be careful when reading/writing them. Commenters: feel free to add tags to the post when you add another heads-up. (If comments become a problem, I'll start screening all comments)

Consequences: I hold the right to ban/temp-ban anyone at any time. However, these rules are a basic guideline; decisions will be made on severity of rule-breaking. Rules 1-3 are more important than Rule 4, and Rule 4 will only result in a ban if it is a repeated occurrence (for my health).
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