TL ([personal profile] tlvop) wrote in [community profile] contentwarning2012-01-13 01:21 am

Movie: Hugo (2011)

Contains: Visible disability as humor

Context: During one of the first scenes of Hugo, an antagonist with an assistive leg brace chases after the main character, and falls over things/causes messes/gets his brace stuck on things in a slapstick-manner. It was bad enough hearing everyone laugh at this that, if I had not known the movie was supposed to be great (and this character treated 3-dimensionally), I would have walked out. Thankfully, after this scene, the character's disability -- while still fully extant -- stops being used as a humor device but more to accentuate the character's personality (his own awkwardness towards his disability, not that of others). And he is treated 3-dimensionally, and with respect as a character. 

If there are any other potential triggers you've noticed, those of you who've seen this, please share in the comments and I'll add their category to the tags.