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The current list of tags are the preferred terminology within the comm. Content warnings should include jokes based on those precepts, bullying, and more direct references/usage of them. Described below are the two which seem to be the most likely to be confusing. Any questions/concerns/additions, feel free to comment on this post.

Remember: nothing is included as a moral judgment; rather these are the warnings I have most commonly encounter being requested in fandom. If you enjoy reading/viewing things that include these topics that's okay, this is just for people who don't. (BDSM, for example, is by definition consensual, it's only included because the visuals do trigger some people. Triggers are not logical.)

Gender Topics
Anything that doesn't fit within misogyny or trans*phobia -- for example, the rigid enforcement of gender stereotypes, erasure of non-binary people (genderqueer, agendered, etc.), or things that are more amorphous.

Sex Topics
For topics that fall outside or around the topic of assault -- power imbalance (both implicit as in teacher/student, and explicit as in consensual dominance/submission), other BDSM elements, underage. General sexual imagery can also fit here -- though easier to find warnings about than other things, it can be a trigger.
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Trigger Warnings for Professional Media

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